Aerobic training 2 hours

Most of us do aerobic workouts like long aerobic runs or free aerobic cycle swings sometime on the weekend. If you're an early morning athlete, you'll most likely only be able to handle a light breakfast that doesn't burden your stomach. If you want to train your fat burning metabolism, your training will be done on an empty stomach. Whether you follow a low carb hight fat diet or not, the nutrition below is designed to use as little sugar as possible and, on the contrary, train your body to create larger glycogen stores.

Before performance

Amino Synergy

Complex amino acids (BCAA + EAA). It will protect the muscles and provide them with nutrition even without the use of carbohydrates. The product Amino Synergy also contains natural caffeine from green coffee beans. It wakes up, but does not kick!

Some people are comfortable adding amino acids directly to the ion drink and drinking this drink mix during exercise, which is of course also an option.

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During performance

Skratch Labs Ionic Drink - 2 cans

It does contain some carbohydrates, but that's because it hydrates better together with the ions. At the same time, it contains so little sugar that you will burn it in no time.

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After performance

Dymatize ISO 100

- fast protein, supplies nutrition to the muscles in the anabolic window, i.e. within 30 minutes after exercise.

- The shower is followed by breakfast - anything with a low glycemic index and balanced nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins). Of course, that is no longer in the table :).

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