Aerobic training up to 1 hour

Aerobic training, or as wikipedia says: Activity at a low or moderate level, during which the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are sufficient to supply the body with the necessary amount of oxygen. The concentration of lactate in the muscles is around 2 mmol/l of blood. It is any physical activity (sports activity) performed with moderate intensity and increased heart rate, which involves large groups of muscles in the movement and lasts at least 15 minutes. As a rule, this is a longer period of time.

We assume that the athlete wants to train the metabolism of fat burning, and therefore the training takes place on an empty stomach, or it is training with the aim of getting the body used to regular load, or regenerative jogging.

Before and during performance

Water must be enough here! There's no point in stuffing yourself with extra carbs or ionic drinks. Every athlete must be able to perform sports at low intensity for up to 1 hour without any supplementation.

After performance

Dymatize ISO 100

Of course, there is something to consider here as well. Fast protein, it supplies nutrition to the muscles in the anabolic window, i.e. within 30 minutes after exercise. If, for example, you rush to work after morning training and do not have time to have a proper breakfast, take protein.

Breakfast follows the shower, or a snack on the way to work - anything with a low glycemic index and balanced nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins). Of course, we won't see that here :).

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