Intensive training 1 - 1.5 hours

Interval training, hill runs, hard cycling training, when you go several times in a row to the highest intensity, circuit, crossfit, cross-country racing circuits, etc. Just performances when it stings and hurts, but we need the body to work at 100%!

Anaerobic training is so intense that it causes the formation of lactate . It is used by athletes to promote strength, speed and to build muscle mass. Muscular energy systems trained through anaerobic exercise develop differently compared to aerobic exercise , resulting in greater performance in short-duration, high-intensity activities lasting from mere seconds to approximately 2 minutes. [1] Any activity lasting longer than two minutes has a large aerobic metabolic component. (source: wikipedia:))

Before performance

Myoblox Loco Pre-Workout

If you need a "kick" before a heavy intense workout. A mix of stimulants, vitamins that reduce oxidative stress, plus other substances that increase blood flow and possibly affect the function of neurotransmitters. You will have more energy, you will be more focused and it will allow you to be more explosive.

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During performance

Skratch Labs Ionic Drink

Here, the ambient temperature and the duration of the activity matter. If you are at 20°C or more (spring, summer, indoor) and you are struggling for more than an hour, you will probably need to supplement with ions.

But if you don't sweat a lot and train for about an hour, water should be enough for you.

After performance

Recovery drink protein + carbohydrates

After training, the body needs enough building materials to repair and build muscle fibers - i.e. protein. And at the same time, it needs to replenish glycogen reserves quickly, that's why Vitargo, or carbohydrates.

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