We are very happy to be working with some great people

Zuzana Bartasová - ultra and marathon runner

Zuzka is a runner, an architect, a mother of twins and the organizer of the beautiful trail race Trailová zíství. She has incredible performances behind her, when she was able to be in the top 10 of top races several times, such as Buff Epic in the Pyrenees, Madeira Ultra Sky Marathon, Transvulcania and others!
During her daily training, she is also interested in nutrition, nota bene, she has also published about nutrition in a magazine B Magazine . He is currently preparing for marathon distances. Since the summer of 2020, she has become the Skratch Labs brand ambassador for the Czech Republic.

Tomáš Renč

Tomáš is an excellent athlete, but above all a great person. In addition to his absolutely great sports career, he also leads the triathlon team in Slané, the swimming team for children, organizes sports training and still manages to take care of his family and his two little children:)!

Tomáš got to know our products at the Doksy Race and has been testing them ever since. The word gave the word and the result is a long-term cooperation in the field of complex sports supplementation.

And Tomáš's sporting achievements?

Holder of the Czech record in Ironman 7:54:07. Multi-champion of Europe ETU long distance triathlon. Champion of the Czech Republic in long and middle triathlon. And we believe there will be many more!