Intensive training 3+ hours

Most often, probably cycling training, during which you will be several times in the hills and several times "digging" to the edge of your strength. Considering the duration of such performance, it is no longer realistic to deliver 100% performance without supplementing energy.

Anaerobic training is so intense that it causes the formation of lactate . It is used by athletes to promote strength, speed and to build muscle mass. Muscular energy systems trained through anaerobic exercise develop differently compared to aerobic exercise , resulting in greater performance in short-duration, high-intensity activities lasting from mere seconds to approximately 2 minutes. [1] Any activity lasting longer than two minutes has a large aerobic metabolic component. (source: wikipedia:))

Here again are more variants that are good to test with a view to the races. And then use the given combination at the race.

Before performance

Amino Synergy

Complex amino acids (BCAA + EAA). It will protect the muscles and provide them with nutrition even without the use of carbohydrates. The product Amino Synergy also contains natural caffeine from green coffee beans. It wakes up, but does not kick!

Some people are comfortable adding amino acids directly to the ion drink and drinking this drink mix during exercise, which is of course also an option.

It is not necessary if you have a varied diet including protein during the day. If you had cake for breakfast, pizza for lunch and a banana, you'd better have an amino mix.

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During performance

2 cans with ion drink Skratch + Vitargo

The ionic drink will supply you with sodium and other electrolytes, Vitargo will add carbohydrates.

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Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bar

It contains 50% less sugar than traditional energy bars, has the right macronutrient profile and contains real food that is really good for you.

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Skratch Labs Sport Energy Chews

They keep you energized. They were designed as a source of energy when you need it most, but you're not in a situation where you can handle eating anything larger. If you don't like energy gels, try energy chews.

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After performance

Recovery drink protein + carbohydrates

After training, the body needs enough building materials to repair and build muscle fibers - i.e. protein. And at the same time, it needs to replenish glycogen reserves quickly, that's why Vitargo, or carbohydrates.

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