If you have to, you have to

Once you start you don't want to stop. Or you'll stop, but you're nasty as hell. So you start over and realize that being in that one round gives you some higher meaning. It doesn't matter if you're racing or just driving your ass around outside. You need to keep going and feel the wind in your hair.

Pedro Rosenkraft

I founded Tested on humans because I recognized from my body that if I want to bomb every day, I can't care what I eat. And yes, it is always better and more correct to eat a normal diet, but it is not always possible to do that, because there are enough things that you have to watch out for.

At first, I watched it more casually. Stagnation came, illness several times during the autumn/winter season. I started to solve it, I started to ask questions, I started to test different things, to educate myself. The selection of products on this e-shop is the result of a journey on which I was advised by a number of interesting personalities whom I had the opportunity to meet and whom I would like to thank.

Jan Falge, a great coach and person who opened the way for me to systematic triathlon training and showed me what is real with a professional approach. If someone would like to try it out for themselves, go to www.koa.cz.

Iva Kubešová and her certified sports nutrition course, which I recommend to everyone, whether they want to become a nutritionist or educate themselves "just" for themselves. Iva will provide you with an independent perspective on nutrition and supplementation and will open your eyes to many things. Who would like to consider it, go to www.behejsrdcem.cz .

Helle Frederiksen, ITU World Champion and her long-term training course , injury prevention and nutrition, where less is more and food sources are not just an empty topic. Helle has a very unique approach to training and supplementation, where the basis of everything is the ability to perceive one's own body and set one's motivation. More at www.hellefrederiksen.com .

B Running Mag, Béčko or simply B. Because they have their own way of talking about sports and running. And they do it beautifully. If you don't have Béčko yet, take a look at www.brunningmag.cz .

Sokol Maxičky - a bunch of crazy people, with whom I traveled around the world at races. I will probably never forget the trip to the World Cup in Canada. And of course at the top of every season in Horní Mísečky, when I'm spitting my lungs out in the hills on cross-country skis :).