Victus 02 During Gel

Victus 02 During Gel

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Extra portion of energy
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Extra portion of energy and only slightly sweetened taste.

To replenish energy and minerals, we usually recommend the form of drinks, for better absorbability, possible customization, etc. But there are simply situations when it is not realistic to replenish a sufficient amount of energy from a bottle, e.g. because there is no water on the way, there is no time or you are in fashion when it is not realistic to have any bottle in hand. That's why we searched for, selected and were happy to add Victus gel to our product portfolio. Why?

45 g carbs, 343 mg sodium. In a very clever ratio.

The current trend for race nutrition is definitely High-Carb , recommendations start at 90g of carbohydrates per hour and above. With such a quantity, it is already worth choosing quality.
Carbohydrates are stored in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscles, with muscle glycogen being critical for obtaining energy during exercise. A sufficient level of muscle glycogen is necessary to maintain performance, especially during regular high-intensity training.

Carbohydrate ratio (2:1:1.5)

The composition of carbohydrates in the 02 During gel with a 2:1:1.5 ratio of maltodextrin, glucose and fructose ensures optimal absorption and use of energy, increases performance and at the same time minimizes digestive problems. And you have 45 grams of carbohydrates in one serving!

Sodium (343 mg) - yes, you read that right - that's 3 times more than, for example, Maurten

During a long workout, you don't want to get into a situation where your body is dehydrated. And that's why you need to replenish what you've sweated out. You need plenty of sodium! Sodium, which is essential for fluid balance and performance, varies widely in sweat loss among athletes. You sweat a lot --> you need more sodium. The content of 343 mg of sodium in each serving helps with hydration and improves the absorption of carbohydrates during long-term physical activities.

Energy: 180 kcal (753 KJ) Carbohydrates: 45 g of which sugars: 25 g Carbohydrate ratio: 2:1:1.5 (maltodextrin:glucose:fructose) Sodium: 343 mg Gel size: 66 ml
Carbohydrates: 45 g Carbohydrate ratio: 2:1:1.5 (maltodextrin:glucose:fructose) Sodium: 343 mg
Depending on the intensity or duration of the training, use one gel of 45 g of carbohydrates or two 90 g of carbohydrates per hour. Elite athletes can handle up to 135g per hour.